Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Independence Day?

Being an independent designer is what I choose to be. For the past 7 years, I am celebrating my freedom. Freedom to do what I choose to do, to work on the things I love, to schedule my own time, to pursue what I believe in, without being forced by someone else's will.

And I'm very grateful for that.

Yes, I admit it's not always smooth sailing. Maneuvering your own ship, working independently, is indeed a big challenge. But when you manage to get through it, you will feel immensely rewarded. The lesson, the pride and the sense of achievement, are unmeasurable.

Happy Independence Day.

Circles Sketch
Here's a sketch I did today. Having fun sketching circles and lines lately.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Start Sketching

My blog has been abandoned for what now, two and a half years?

I was reminded to write again because of my interview on tobucil: Sheila D dan Gerilya Handmade (Sheila D and Handmade Guerrilla). There, I mentioned how important a blog is, yet I realized I haven't been blogging at all.

Yesterday, as a random act, I got off my house, went to the mall to find some peace for myself and started sketching. I haven't been sketching for God knows how long. I was happy to find out that I was still able to. I say to myself, I'm gonna start sketching a lot of fish, starting today!

Sketching Fish

Fish Sketch, Tarpon

I achieved something today. I went home feeling happy.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Belitung Island

Last October I finally went to Belitung island for the first time. A small island, among 17,508 islands in Indonesia.

About 50 minutes by plane from Jakarta. Got there before noon, and went straight to the famous chicken noodle stall nearby the airport.

They have enticing colorful chopsticks. I so wanna take them home.

We went to a traditional market first to get some fresh supplies. Carrots, onions, tomatoes, eggs, etc. Grabbed gallons of water and gas.

With a fisherman's traditional boat we went to this tiny island called Lengkuas. Only 2 people lived there (the lighthouse guards), 2 cats, 4 chickens and several lizards I saw the next morning. It is also a place where sea turtles lay their eggs at night.

We camped there for 2 nights, and were lucky enough to see and touch the turtle eggs. The lighthouse guard dug out the sand to save the eggs from being eaten by lizards.

Lots of Nemos (clown fish) in Belitung.

In the morning we climbed the old lighthouse. Four of us sat there in amazement, gazing at the incredible horizon.

We had wonderful time despite the occasional rain and storm. We cooked, swam, climbed over the light house, snorkled, laid on the big rocks, had some wonderful fresh seafood, met some very genuine people in Belitung... I'm definitely coming back, maybe sometime in April next year.

Photo credits: pictures were taken by Selly, Haryo, Iwan & myself.